Chapter 1: The End

Days 83-94 were spent in Southern California with a half-brother and his family in Riverside, several friends in Los Angeles and Long Beach, and working the International Motorcycle Show. There were so many meals with the fine folks of SoCal, I think I gained a few pounds: matzoh ball soup with an old friend from my […]

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I have a crush

It’s a doozy. It started in Alaska and has been a solid source of fun, thrills and spills. It’s not on a person, but a bunch of them: MotoQuest, I’ve got the hots for you. We’ve camped in Alaska, worked some motorcycle shows, you’ve fixed my motorcycle and then invited me to race go karts with your industry […]

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Chain Change

If there is one city I have no desire to spend time in, it’s Las Vegas, but there I was. I picked a casino hotel because it had a courtesy airport shuttle and it was cheap. After checking in around midnight and crashing out, I was woken up at around 4:30am by the howling wind. […]

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Planes, Trains and Motorcycles

MotoQuest asked me to work another motorcycle show. This one was in Sacramento. I could either ride through wind and rain with minimal regard for my health and safety, or I could take a cheap flight, pick up a loaner bike and have a couple of days to slack off. I took option 2. My flight […]

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Day 73: My cold got worse. I wanted to lay in bed all day, but I needed to be in Las Vegas in a few days and the weather was cooperative on this one day, so I blasted down the highway. No stopping in Tombstone. I didn’t have the energy for it. A friend happened […]

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Texas: part 3

Not sure how I found out about the Dia de los Muertos festival and parade in San Elizario, Texas, but it turned into my destination for the evening. The city is about 20 miles south of El Paso and sits on the Mexican/US border. Two motorcycles were parked outside the neighborhood restaurant with room for […]

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Texas: part 2

Odessa was the next stop, but not an exciting one. My throat was scratchy and no matter how much vitamin C, zinc or umcka I swallowed, the crud was coming for me. Thankfully my hotel room would be comfortable and I could write another post. This is oil country. Midland, the next town over, posted […]

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