Friends in the Bay of LA

Prior to my initial departure, I learned that my friend Brenden and his girlfriend Christina were also going to be on a motorcycle trip in Baja. They had firm plans to stay at a hotels, but seeing as how I prefer to go where the wind blows, I wasn’t sure if we would see each other on […]

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That time I played Tour Guide

From Pete’s Camp near San Felipe, I gassed up and traveled south to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga in search of good food and another beach to camp on. Road quality fluctuated quite a bit during those 177 km. The mostly undivided two-lane highway started out as what I consider average for the US. About 20km south of San Felipe, maneuvering […]

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San Felipe Rhymes With Ceviche

The 189 km ride to Playa El Paraiso, just north of San Felipe, wasn’t the most exciting highway ride, but I was still giggling with excitement about actually being in Mexico. The thoroughfare took me past mountains and eventually to the Sea of Cortez. About two hours after departing from Mexicali, I saw a giant sign for […]

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Border Crossing and Bedroom Lighting

Prior to departing, I had taken the advise of a friend and applied for my Mexican tourist card and purchased motorcycle insurance through Discover Baja Travel Club two days before crossing the border. It was more expensive than just taking care of it when I arrived in Tecate, but the simplicity of the transactions made planning […]

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Side Tripping

While in Southern California, I spent time with family inland, friends near the coast, and the folks at MotoQuest. At some point, I had an afternoon to myself and wandered around the beaches until the sun would begin to set. The only bummer: I lost my third pair of cheap sunglasses since November. It seems […]

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Bay to Bay

From McCloud to the Bay Area, I jammed down I-5 for 277 miles. The first hour was lovely with curves and views of Shasta Lake. From there on out, it was a 200 mile strait highway slog. A fella riding a brand new KLR kept a brief stretch entertaining as we took turns leading and […]

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Chapter 2: Baja Bound

When last I posted, my NC700X, Aerostich, and Sidi boots were parked at my brother’s house in Southern California while I returned to Portland to drive a cab and save up some money. Riding around Baja had become a repeating thought, but perhaps on a grittier dual sport bike. Between trips, I crashed at Mom’s […]

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