Bahia de Concepcion and then some

Playa de Requeson is labeled as “the most scenic beach” in Bahia de Concepcion. At low tide, there’s a sand bar which leads to an island and creates two separate lagoons.

20160318_1609521 20160318_1733161So you know what I did? I found me an empty palapa. Guess what happened? Yep. Camped all up in it! The few items I had hand-washed while at the hotel weren’t dry, so I strung up my unmentionables before sunset.



Beach camping on the eastern coast of Baja means you’re going to get woken up by dramatic sunrises.


And when nature calls, here’s where you answer.


Greet the locals roaming around.


Look again for the critter in the center of this photo. We checked each other out for a while before he disappeared.


The next morning I dropped by Posada Concepcion, seemingly a village of snowbirds, hoping to meet Baja aficionado, adventure writer, editor and rider: Carla King. We’ve got a few mutual friends, and I knew she lived somewhere in this community. Instead, I found Martha from Black Dog Cycle Works waiting for the local farmers to come through with fresh vegetables. She informed me that Carla wasn’t around, but it was carnitas day at Asado Dany’s in Mulege which was not to be missed.

Say no more!


Radishes, cucumbers, picante sauce, avocado sauce, tomato, limes and pickled onions!

Belly full of food, I visited the local mission..




And took in the view behind it.

This lush, palm tree filled paradise was not part of my preconceived notion of Baja.

That afternoon, the temperature was warm enough to swim in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon and play with some sea snails. Their shells look like tiny blown-glass marbles.

After a bit of splashing around, I wandered up to Buenaventura for a beer and the biggest dang plate of bbq I’ve ever been served. I hear they make a mean margarita, but the last bits of daylight were diminishing, so back to camp I went! (Sober, because riding in the dark is already a terrible idea.)

Semana Santa in Baja is celebrated the week leading up to and after Easter Sunday. Families go from their towns and cities to the beaches and party like there’s no tomorrow. That night, the entire beach was full of campers. I made a friend who danced around naked and insisted that I go night swimming with him. Both moons were nearly full, and the water was clear, so why the hell not?

Beach camping and motorcycle riding sure is glamorous.

The next morning, I would ride to Loreto, eat breakfast, chat with a couple of KTM dudes on their way to Cabo to meet with their wives, roam around town, and settle in for a swim before my night at the gorgeous Hotel Tripui, just 28km south of Loreto. I appreciate their allowance for creative motorcycle parking, hot shower, comfortable bed, fabulous pool, and lovely restaurant.. since there’s not much else in close proximity.

I’m a sucker for a room with a view.


I had the whole pool to myself for an hour.



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