San Ignacio

2016-03-17 13.18.30
The mission in beautiful San Ignacio.


2016-03-18 07.14.43
Fellas riding sack to crack on scooters and mopeds are the norm in Baja.

San Ignacio was only a 2 hour ride from Scammon’s Lagoon. There were a few areas where road construction caused drivers and riders to push through mushy dirt, but nothing terrible. Once in town, I rode past date palms and a lovely campground on the river. Rumor has it, the mosquitoes at that campground are no joke. A cheap hotel room for my one night in town seemed like a better option.

$29 USD for a night on a comfy bed in a clean room with a quiet and capable a/c.

Hotel La Huerta is a recently constructed hotel just past the mission. The rooms are clean and comfortable, water pressure in the shower was fantastic and the wifi was strong. My bag of clean socks was empty, and my supply of clean undies had dwindled down to one last pair. Google Translate came in handy as I asked the woman working the front desk where I could find a laundromat. She spoke slowly en espanol and I was able to comprehend that I could just hand over my dirty duds and a housekeeper would remedy my problem for 80 pesos. Problem solved, and I could spend the day roaming around this small town.

We played a bit before I unpacked my bike.
Is it obvious that I’m dangling the froggy so she’ll look at the camera?

There was a sweet female dog running wild and free on the property. She had a stuffed green frog toy which she would bring over, I would through, and she would retrieve joyously. I spoiled her with a game of fetch, butt-pats and belly-rubs for several minutes before meeting three fellas on dual sport bikes who had also parked at the hotel.

2016-03-18 08.55.13
Bert is seem on the right. Side note: Victor’s makes seriously strong margaritas.

One of them is an octogenarian named Burt who was also on a DR650. His vision and hearing aren’t so great. To keep riding, he follows one friend while another chases him.  We were going to enjoy dinner together, but I ran into my friends Christina and Brenden and joined them for a margarita.. and another.. and a few more over at Tootsie’s.

My friends and I watched the sun set behind the mission as we sipped margaritas.

When I returned to the hotel (walked), my little buddy was waiting for me. She followed me upstairs and waited for an invitation into my room. I knew a hangover was likely and dealing with any dog potty situation wouldn’t be appealing, so she stayed outside for the night.


The hangover was milder than anticipated, and after collecting my laundered clothes from the hotel’s office, I started to pack my bike while my little buddy rested in the shade. Some local kids rode by on bicycles and she scampered off to play with them. She has a shiny coat and seems to be well fed. I have a feeling she belongs more to the community than to one family. While she was distracted, I got back onto my trusty steed and headed southwest with clean socks and chonies to Bahia de Concepcion.

About 20km outside San Ignacio, I spotted an interesting cemetery and stopped to take pictures.




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