Friends in the Bay of LA

Prior to my initial departure, I learned that my friend Brenden and his girlfriend Christina were also going to be on a motorcycle trip in Baja. They had firm plans to stay at a hotels, but seeing as how I prefer to go where the wind blows, I wasn’t sure if we would see each other on this trip. Good timing lead me to finding some folks to ride from Bahia San Luis Gonzaga through Coco’s Corner to the Bahia de Los Angeles with me the day of my friends’ arrival.

After cruising around the town, stopping into a small store for bottled water, gatorade and snacks, and checking out the campground options, I dropped by Los Vientos Hotel to see if my compadres had checked in yet. The young man working at the front desk didn’t speak English, but he provided the wifi password so we could best communicate using Google Translate. It turns out this hotel has the best wifi in the entire town. This was a fine time to upload pictures to my social media accounts!

A fella who introduced himself as Rich showed up on a Triumph Tiger popped into the hotel, requested a room, and we struck up a conversation. We dropped by the restaurant and talked while sipping on Negro Modelos. He had ridden through mainland Mexico, taken a ferry from Mazatlan to La Paz and ridden up from La Paz that day. According to Rich, the mainland was a great place to visit and he never felt unsafe. I’ll have to check it out for myself sometime.

Although I had intended to camp relatively close to the hotel to adhere to a budget, by the time Brenden and Christina showed up on their V-Strom, I was socially lubricated enough to decide that I should get a hotel room that night for $60 USD. Mas cervezas, por favor!

Brenden and Christina are enjoying their hard-earned vacation.
The four of us shared motorcycle touring stories over beers and a lovely seafood dinner prepared by the owners of the hotel. Some other fella was dining by himself, so we invited him to our table. Once the blood rushed to our full stomachs, it was clearly time for bed. We each paid our tabs, said goodnight, and parted in the directions of our own rooms.

My habitacion had a huge window which opened completely and a balcony which overlooked the property and the bay.
My habitacion had a huge window which opened completely and a balcony which overlooked the property and the bay.

Dolphins played in the bay as the sun rose. Brenden, Christina, and our new friend Rich’s motorcycles were gone before I returned from breakfast. Hotel rooms aren’t luxurious solely because they have a hot shower. The greater value is the time I don’t have to spend shaking sand out of a tent, cramming camping gear into compression sacks, and stuffing those sacks back into panniers.

Once I was all packed up, it was time to ride south to the Pacific side again. Next stop: Guerrero Negro!




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