Border Crossing and Bedroom Lighting

Prior to departing, I had taken the advise of a friend and applied for my Mexican tourist card and purchased motorcycle insurance through Discover Baja Travel Club two days before crossing the border. It was more expensive than just taking care of it when I arrived in Tecate, but the simplicity of the transactions made planning the rest of my trip easier. It eliminated the hassle of waiting in lines to process documents, get approved, go to a bank, come back and wait again.. money can solve a lot of problems.

Once I arrived, the tourist document was stamped, I was wished safe travels and away I..

Set off some alarm while riding through the port of entry, was told to pull over and open my luggage for inspection. I had arranged my bungee in a fashion which took a while to undo just to open one side case. The border patrolman was getting exasperated just watching me. I offered to open the rest of the bags, but he was over it and told me to leave already. Once the macrame of cords were back in place, I tried to scoot my loaded DR650 backwards up a cobblestone incline. Two patrolmen took pitty and gave me a shove. I rode forward through the gates and into Mexico.

East on Highway 2D, I swooped around the hills past La Rumorosa. There were windmills, but they weren’t moving, so I was a happy rider. The road straightened out before entering Mexicali, which would be my stop before sunset.


Another friend made the recommendation to spend a night in one of many cheap hotel rooms which come with their own garages, tend to be very clean, and can be rented by the hour or the night. As it was explained to me, folks in this region don’t get much privacy at home, so these habitacions serve as a space for lovers to have time to enjoy each other without interruption.

I don’t know how many of these sex hotels I passed before finally pulling into one and inquiring about an available room. It was run by a family, and Alberto, their university age son, spoke perfect English and helped me complete the transaction for $27USD. I proceeded over the tire shredding if you reverse bumps, through the carefully watched entry gate, and to habitacion diez.


The garage had lovely white tile and a welcome mat which I quickly set under the occasionally dripping oil drain bolt. The room’s entrance opened to a colorful LED light show highlighting the huge mirror of a headboard. As I set my helmet down, I noticed the luv bench and couch were upholstered in vinyl. The bathroom was sparkling clean. No sign of bedbugs on the mattress. And a menu beside the bed.



Click to zoom in on what’s available to be delivered to your room.

In the morning, I would dial “0” and order huevos motuleños which would be placed in a box for me to spin open and then replace the covered plate with $4.50.


Blood sugar all sorted out and bike packed, I departed through the exit gate. Time to gas up and get to a beach!


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