Bay to Bay

From McCloud to the Bay Area, I jammed down I-5 for 277 miles. The first hour was lovely with curves and views of Shasta Lake. From there on out, it was a 200 mile strait highway slog. A fella riding a brand new KLR kept a brief stretch entertaining as we took turns leading and over-exaggerating our hand gestures when signaling lane changes. We took the opportunity to bullshit at a gas station while filling our tanks, lubing our chains, and taking turns tapping kidneys. We parted ways when I took the I-505 South split.

During the 3 days and nights I spent with friends in Alameda, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Albany, I barely took any pictures because I was too busy having fun. These two will have to suffice.

I have the sense of humor of a 9 year old boy.
2016-03-07 13.40.22
Sunset from the Berkeley Hills.

I’ll admit that I get overwhelmed when I don’t get alone time, so a night of solo camping in Morro Bay was in order. Rising early gave me time to take a walk, reflect on the generosity I’ve received, and think about the ways that a person with little to no money can also be generous. Best ideas I came up with: be present, take the time to send “Thank You” post cards or at least return messages, be patient, donate blood, be helpful, listen, share my resources and connections.

Sunset at Morro Bay.
Sandpipers in the morning.
Zoom in on a sandpiper while temporarily right-side-up.

After roaming around the area I packed up my camp site, prepped the DR650 and made my way to Riverside, CA. It’s where my brother Steve and his fantastic family have room for me to land whenever I’m in the area, and where  my NC700X has been sitting dormant on their property while I was in Portland.

Stopped to snap a sassy moto pic of Lake Cachuma during this drought.


Thanks to:

KLR guy for the laughs and lube.

Kevin for dinner and company in Alameda.

Maitland for housing me and letting me talk your ear off in SF.

Laura and Andrew for a lovely afternoon in Berkeley.

Sarah for housing, feeding and entertaining me while in the East Bay.

Colin for taking time to share his solo Baja experience, the book on camping in Baja and the tour of the Berkeley Hills.

Ben for helping work on the DR650, gifting me a ton of tools, and lunch.


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