I have a crush

It’s a doozy. It started in Alaska and has been a solid source of fun, thrills and spills. It’s not on a person, but a bunch of them: MotoQuest, I’ve got the hots for you. We’ve camped in Alaska, worked some motorcycle showsyou’ve fixed my motorcycle and then invited me to race go karts with your industry friends.

Some of the fellas I met at the MotoQuest Alaska Invitational Tour in August came to race go karts.

Everyone had a great time and left with bruises to remember the event for a while. I got mine after colliding head-first into a kart which had been stuck against the wall after a curve under an overpass. The seat belt prevented me from being ejected, but I did get slammed back into the seat resulting in a gnarly bruise across both cheeks and deep enough into the crevasse to be concerned about my B-hole. Sitting was immediately painful. Riding my motorcycle for the next few days was terribly uncomfortable. I’m writing this nearly 3 weeks later, and my tush still hurts.

Before my crash.

That was the night before day 1 of the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show. MotoCrush..Quest.. whatever, had me working at the booth again. I did get some time to roam around the convention center and had a chance to toss a leg over the new Honda Africa Twin before the display was overly crowded.

My junk on a Honda Africa Twin.

Our exhibit was visited by Cristi Farrell of Moteriffic Media, a well traveled and hilarious woman who also cooks a mean pot of carnitas. She introduced me to Jacqui Van Ham: a ballyhooer with brand expertise and charisma.

Jacqui Van Ham, Cristi Farrell and I under unflattering lights.

Working these trade shows, you will meet folks with interesting apparel. I loved the illuminated BIKER sign on the high-viz, retroreflective vest worn by an attendee.

Best vest.

By day three of the show, I was exhausted. Darin, that sweet pea who helped me change my chain and sprockets, brought his A-game. This guy isn’t much of a showman, but he knows these bikes and the adventures they go on. I had to shut up and listen to the details he could provide. Listening to him speak honestly, without pushing a sale, made me want to join these tours something fierce.


I know I just made myself really vulnerable by gushing on the internet, but the MotoQuest crew are crushworthy because they’re stoked to be the oddballs in the motorcycle touring and rental business. They wouldn’t be doing this if they weren’t having fun, and the joy is infectious. It’s obvious by the quality of the folks that show up to their events.


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