Chain Change

If there is one city I have no desire to spend time in, it’s Las Vegas, but there I was. I picked a casino hotel because it had a courtesy airport shuttle and it was cheap. After checking in around midnight and crashing out, I was woken up at around 4:30am by the howling wind. Local weather predictions said it would continue all day. My intended route would experience 50mph gusts. The day after: 5mph winds. I booked another night at another, even cheaper, hotel. At least I was able to have dinner at Lotus of Siam and a cocktail at the Double Down Saloon on a quiet weeknight.

My motorcycle and most of my belongings were safely stored at Major Powersports while I was in San Francisco and Sacramento. Their service crew and I had some concerns about my factory chain: 17,000 miles and as it was kinked and stretched to the end of adjustability. After a bit of hemming and hawing, it was deemed probably maybe possibly OK-ish to get me to my brother’s house 240 miles away.

I had ordered a new chain and sprockets from a store in San Bernardino, and after a mostly unremarkable highway ride, picked them up on the way to my brother’s house. A couple of days later, I made a trip down to the MotoQuest shop where Darin changed the parts and didn’t mind when I made a huge mess while changing my oil.


The fellas at the shop had never ridden an NC700X, so after the new parts were installed and before changing the oil, three of the MotoQuest guys took turns riding it. They seemed impressed by the ease of maintenance, comfort of riding, and low cost of the bike. Practicality can actually be delightful! Seeing that I’ve put over 17,000 miles on a factory chain and the original sprockets still appeared to be in great shape was either a testament to the quality of this motorcycle or a reflection of my riding style.



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