Texas: part 3

Not sure how I found out about the Dia de los Muertos festival and parade in San Elizario, Texas, but it turned into my destination for the evening. The city is about 20 miles south of El Paso and sits on the Mexican/US border.

My new friend, Frank.
My new friend, Frank. Note his pistols and beverage holder.

Two motorcycles were parked outside the neighborhood restaurant with room for one more. Music was playing. People were dancing. I had arrived in time to meet some locals and check out the art, but the kitchen at the neighborhood restaurant was slammed, so I stayed hungry longer than perhaps I should have.

As the sky turned pink with the sunset, a Baile Folklorico took over the street.

2015-11-09 20.25.282015-11-02 08.09.53

Anticipation built for the electric parade as the sky turned dark. There were a few cars and trucks covered with lights, full of and followed by women dressed as La Calavera Catrina wearing glow in the dark necklaces.

After the parade, my growling stomach and sore throat got the best of me. Rather than show my poor temperament, I headed off to a small taqueria closer to my hotel in El Paso. I was not disappointed.


Satiated and exhausted from a long ride, helping another motorcyclist and socializing, I was sacked out by 10pm.


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