Texas: part 1

Beaumont, Texas is 265 miles from New Orleans, and was the next overnight stop. The town shows evidence of a once vibrant downtown: beautiful architecture, interesting signage, and abandoned buildings. Restaurants and bars with seats and counters somewhat in tact, but their windows have been busted out. The homeless now take shelter at the Pig Stand, a classic drive-in diner built in 1941. I rode around town during the golden hour taking artsy pictures with my cell phone, and then my SD card lost them all by morning.

Here's a consolation photo of the novelty waffle I made and ate.
Here’s a consolation photo of the novelty waffle I made and ate in my hotel’s breakfast room.
Stay true to your crew.

After my Texas shaped breakfast, it was time for another 250 mile haul to Austin. Deb, a friend from the Atlanta years, was kind enough to offer her guest room and full kitchen access for a few nights. I’m pretty sure there was at least one taco at every meal I ate in that town. On purpose.

While in town, I had a day to ride around Texas Hill Country and take in some scenery solo. The following day would bring biblical rain, flash floods and tornados.

Free motorcycle wash!
Free motorcycle wash!
Not Deb’s cat.

There were meals with old friends from Atlanta and costume time with friends who would be leaving for New Orleans the next day, a new toddler and small child to play with. Random cats to drag into Deb’s house. She has four cats, they all look the same to me, and one was hanging out on the porch. It didn’t want to come inside and scampered away. Turns out it wasn’t Deb’s cat. Whoops!

Once the streets were dry, it was time to pack up and say goodbye.


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