In my previous post I neglected to include the MASSIVE THANK YOU to Matt G. in Asheville, NC for taking me in for a night on the word of our mutual friend, Patrick. Thank you for not being a creep, letting me do laundry, and being an interesting, well educated and open minded person. You radiate the love and kindness you’ve been shown, and that positive energy extends through and beyond anyone who gets to spend time with you. I hope our paths cross again. And thank you to Patrick for connecting me with your friend!

From Asheville, I continued south to Georgia. My time there was a whirlwind of friends, their children, their pets and so much good food. I spent one night in Bishop, five nights in Atlanta, caught up with people I care about and enjoyed meals at favorite spots alone and with people I haven’t seen in years.

I love these people! And cheese dip! And margaritas!
I love these people! And cheese dip! And margaritas!

Lori, my hilarious and talented costume-making friend, and her husband Scott let me spend endless time in their Atlanta home with a room to myself and three dogs to snuggle with. She and I dropped by the Clermont Lounge early on a Saturday night to say hello to the owners and see what’s shaking these days.

Cameras are not allowed inside.
Cameras are not allowed inside. You’ll have to watch the video below for a view inside from 2005.

When I worked there as a cocktail waitress and bartender, I was in my mid-to-early 20’s and some of the dancers were in their 50’s. It’s been 9 years, and some of the same women are still dancing for dollars on the stage behind liquor bottles. The pinball and video games are gone, and the women’s restroom now has an actual door separating the waiting area from the toilet instead of a see-through black curtain. There was a 45+ year old dancer working who I didn’t recognize, but already knew her story before she told me. It was the same as so many other mature women who grace that particular stage: used to dance at the Clermont in their 20’s, moved on, and came back later in life. After about 30 minutes of chatting with the gals and catching up with one of the owners, the cigarette smoke overwhelmed me and it was time to go.

I’m a child in this video.

While I was still in Baltimore, I was asked to work as a brand ambassador for MotoQuest at the AIMExpo, a motorcycle convention in Orlando. Since it happened to be around the time I would be in Atlanta, I jumped at the opportunity. Cheap flights were available and lodging would be covered, so I ditched my motorcycle in my friend Huckleberry’s driveway, he packed me a lunch and dropped me off at the Atlanta airport. I’ll expound on that positive experience in a future post.

When I returned to Atlanta and my motorcycle, it was time to have another meal with friends at Pallookaville Fine Foods, and to catch up with Jim Stacy. He’s always working on a few exciting projects, so it was great to get a sneak peek at the art and videos that will educate and entertain children and adults.

The gang's all here!
The gang’s all here!

After several days in the Atlanta area, flights to and from Orlando for a gig, and one more night back in Atlanta, I was ready to move along.


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