North Carolina

Forty-seven days after leaving Portland, I was in Hendersonville, North Carolina, home of Olympia Motorsports and a lot of retired folks. Alex, a friend of a friend is working for the motorcycle safety apparel company, and I’m a nerd about gear, so I took the opportunity to drop by and learn a bit about their products. No, I did not take any pictures of their facility. You’re just going to have to believe me.

That night, Alex and I tried using his MityVac to suck the paper out of my gas tank, but had no luck. Instead of sleeping, I researched how long it takes for a piece of paper to disintegrate in gasoline, signs of a clogged fuel filter and where the damn thing is located on an NC700X. The answers I could find offered no comfort. At some point, my eyes shut for a few hours. When I woke up, I finally decided that it was time to find a shop to pull the tank apart.

I rode into Asheville and had what I thought could be my last extravagant meal (more than $5), a chicken sandwich with garlic miso broccoli at Home Grown since I had no idea how much my mistake was going to cost me.

There will never be a chicken sandwich as perfect as this one. Absolutely photo worthy.
There will never be another chicken sandwich as perfect as this one. Flavor, texture and portion. Absolutely photo worthy.

Searching for a place I could trust not to rip me off, I came across a shop called Moto Vicious, their reviews were solid, and it was close to Home Grown.

Hunter, the owner of the shop, listened to my sad story of stupidity and responded with, “You’ve watched Easy Rider too many times!” He looked high and low for some tool, and when he couldn’t find it, he crossed the street and came back with a foot long drain-snake looking thing with a grabber at one end. Hunter dipped it into the tank and, within seconds, pulled out the twisted paper I had dropped.

Thank you, Hunter!
The gas tank is under the passenger seat, and this simple solution saved me money, time, and frustration. Thanks, Moto Vicious!

I paid him $10 to cover the cost of the tool, bought a t-shirt and blitzed off to ride some of the Blue Ridge Parkway!





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