Jersey and the Price of Cheap Tires

My Aunt Leonore’s neighbor. Stay weird, kid.

I’m not going to post many family pictures because the lighting was generally not favorable and I hate posed cheesey pictures. I will, however, tell you that I had a fantastic time with some relatives I haven’t seen in a very long time, and squeezing some of their babies.

The Seaside Heights boardwalk still smells like the ocean, pizza, cigarettes and cotton candy. Linden still smells like Linden.
The Seaside Heights boardwalk still smells like the ocean, pizza, cigarettes and cotton candy. Linden still smells like Linden.

The Continental Conti Motion tires I bought for $181 and then paid $135 to have mounted in Philadelphia cause a wobble in my handlebars at about 40mph and when I’m slowing down from highway speeds. Combine that wobble with awful New Jersey drivers and all the potholes for a terrifying riding experience with and without my luggage. The owner of McGregor Motors invited me to come back to the shop in Philadelphia to see if he could fix it. He was certain the problem was only caused by the rear tire, so even though I wanted to take both wheels to be balanced, he insisted on only bringing one to a local dealership’s service department for balancing which he would pay for. They added 1.5oz of weight, and were feeling generous (he must be a really solid customer) so they didn’t charge a penny.

We got back to the shop, Aaron put the wheel back on, and the wobble was still there. It was getting late in the afternoon, and I wanted to get to a friend’s house in Baltimore before dark. Aaron offered to arrange a front wheel balance at Bob’s BMW near Baltimore the next day so I could get on the road.

Day 40: I made it to my noon appointment. They added 1.5oz of weight to the front tire and I was handed a $45 bill for the service. The wobble is still present. The rims are fine. I should have spent the money on higher quality tires in the first place. Continental requires defective tire returns to go through the retailer.

Thankfully, RevZilla’s customer service is awesome. They emailed a return shipping label right away and called me back to follow up. As long as the Contis aren’t damaged, they will give me a refund. They also added some in-store credit. After calling Baltimore area dealerships for tires and mounting pricing, I decided to order Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires from RevZilla and the new-new tires were in my hands 24 hours later.

It’s going to rain cats and dogs in Baltimore until tomorrow, so I’m sitting tight at a friend’s house until it’s clear to continue south toward the Blue Ridge Parkway.


2 thoughts on “Jersey and the Price of Cheap Tires

    1. Sherry, I hope your ears are burning. I’ve been telling folks how we met and how you inspired me to start documenting my trip. If you have my email address, please message me and tell me how you’re doing.

      Warm hugs!!!


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