Days 30 & 31: Brooklyn Invitational to Philly.

Goodbye, Rockaway Beach!
Goodbye, Rockaway Beach!

Day 30: The A Train tracks had some work being done which required everyone riding to switch to a shuttle bus, but the temperature wasn’t sweltering and my legs work fine, so walking was much more appealing than waiting with the hordes of commuters. I eventually got back to Matt J’s hotel in Brooklyn where my motorcycle was securely parked and all of my worldly belongings were. After a shower, resting and phone tag with another friend who lives in the area, I headed to Williamsburg for the Brooklyn Invitational motorcycle show.

OMG! Chopperz!
Indian Larry choppers

The streets were lined with custom built and painted Harleys. An all-woman Judas Priest cover band was belting out tunes. Merchants under sunshelters sold their personalized memorabilia.

Art by Darren McKeag
Art of Darren McKeag

I made my way over to the main event, and stepped into the admission line. I glanced to my right and recognized a fella I had met at a gas station back in Wyoming! He and his mates had flown from Australia to the US, bought bikes, got them running in Boise, ID and were cruising around the country. I had invited them to join me at the Keyhole campground, but was so busy hiding from the creepy right-wing Harley fella there that I didn’t peek out of my tent when I heard any other bikes. Of course we would run into each other 2000 miles later.


After paying admission for the showcase, I found my local friend and we peeked at the 15 or so featured bikes while surrounded by other enthusiasts. I couldn’t get a decent picture of any builds. We wandered into the merch room where I had the pleasure of chatting with a friend I made in Vegas a few years ago, Lynda. She’s living in Brooklyn now and hanging with the MissFires, an all-gal local motorcycle club.

I had dinner plans with old friends I knew from Atlanta who now reside in Flatbush, so off I went.

Day 31: Stay in NY or go? Matt J. was checking out of his hotel, so my motorcycle and all my stuff had to find a new space. The plan was to stay at a friend’s house in Bushwick for a couple of nights and then head to Philadelphia, but the Pope’s visit to the area is fixing to create a traffic nightmare with road and highway closures. My friend, Andi in Philadelphia said I could stay with her for a few days and leave before Hurricane Francis hits, so I took her up on it.

If a friend invites you to crash at their room kn a boutique hotel, always do it.
If a friend invites you to crash at their room in a boutique hotel, always do it.

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