Recap of Days 2 and 3

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

Leslie Gulch was roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp according to the locals of Vale, OR. The only open roads to it, they said, would be washboard gravel. I had already been riding for 5 hours, my ass was getting sore, and it would take 3 more hours, using open roads, to get somewhere there may not be a place to camp. Pass!

I stopped into a saloon for a cheeseburger and a few minutes to figure out my plan. Boise was only an hour away. My buddy, Zach, has friends everywhere, so a quick text to him, and he had a friend in Boise with a spare bed where I could crash for the night. Brilliant!

I called her to confirm, get an address, got on my motorcycle and headed to Valerie’s house. Once there, she shared her beer, we took a walk next to a canal and around her neighborhood, and finished with a gals’ powwow in her front yard.

Well.. where do I go next? I hunted for woodsy places to camp and swimming holes because it was going to be a hot day. Then I had to weed out most locations due to wildfires and the thick smokey air. I have to get to Salt Lake City by Thursday, and Shoshone Falls are on the way.. so Twin Falls here I come!

Valerie is a culinary master, so she whipped up a feast of a breakfast and sent me on my way before the heat would make my Aerostich uncomfortable.

Down I-84, the red NC700X and I maintained a modest pace of 82mph, only 2 miles over the speed limit, occasionally slowing down when a gust of wind would rattle my nerves.

Shoshone Falls is somewhere behind the bike.
Shoshone Falls is somewhere behind the bike.

I paid $0.51 for a pressed penny, picked up a few post cards and looked at a map. There’s a lake nearby with swimming. I’m sold.

Bombs away!
Bombs away at Dierkes Lake!

After a bit of swimming, I did a little research and found a campground with showers, tent sites AND A 100 FOOT WATERSLIDE. The sun is setting, so I’m going to hurry up and set up my tent before it gets dark, then shower before it gets cold. The slide will have to happen tomorrow.


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