RoKo’s US Motorcycle Tour: Day 1

Cap’n Tim and his youngest showing off their green glitter CT70.

I’m 170 miles into my US motorcycle tour and writing from the spare bedroom of a family’s home in Bend, OR.

While I was working in Bristol Bay, I befriended a few fishermen & women who have invited me to visit them while I’m on the road, so I figured I’d take one of them up on the offer and visit his DIY Cave here in Bend.  I had hoped he could give me a suggestion for an interesting place to camp, sights to see, a place to get a bite to eat. Instead, I’ve gotten to hang out with his wife and youngest kid, enjoy a tour of the area, great conversation and have a bedroom with electricity and wifi access. Amazing!

Tomorrow morning, I plan to ride out to Leslie Gulch and hopefully find a place to set up my tent for a night or two, then off to Craters of the Moon in Idaho.

When I have time, I’ll post about my experience working in North Naknek and my trip from Anchorage to Denali with a bunch of ADV riding folks and the epiphanies had during those experiences.



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