Recognize the relationships that have become stagnant and no longer support my vision of life.

Retention. Accumulation. Obstruction. Stagnation. Decay.
Silence. Observation. Recognition. Identification.
Purge. Catharsis.
Motion. Energy. Progression.

My vision of life? Hmm. That’s going to require some reflection.

I can quickly state my priorities. Travel. Motorcycle. Experiences. Friendship. Love.

The hair I had grown to be so lovely was thinning from the friction of a helmet and the pull of a rubber band. It tangled in the breeze and broke off as I brushed out the knots. It was a hassle. The helmet is a priority. The hair had to go.

A dog and household items made any space where I paid rent feel like home, so I worked to pay to house my friend and these trinkets where I slept. The dog died. The work became monotonous. After an evaluation of needs, I realized that stagnation was causing decay. The value of motion and energy is greater than comfort. I sold my belongings.

Without a companion or belongings, I have no use for a permanent address. I am letting go of that as well.

I feel like I’ve removed some key obstructions. Energy is already flowing more rapidly. I am moving toward something. It’ll only be clear in hindsight.

My vision of life:
I want to radiate the kind of love that asks challenging questions, observes the answers and works toward solutions. I want people I meet to receive it and shine that love onward. I want the ones who have been convinced that they are unworthy of tenderness and self care to be reminded of their humanity. I want to help them heal and encourage them to be a resource for others. I give what I need. I teach the lessons I need to learn. I don’t know exactly what this will look like, but it’s what I feel like I’ve been practicing in my cab with strangers who don’t expect it and with friends.

No more tangles.
No more tangles.